Hi,hieronder een interessant artikel van Dr. Robert Anthony:

By Dr. Robert Anthony

There’s this common, well-known truth that “what you focus on expands.” It’s simple math. The more you focus on the things you want, the more of those things you manifest in your life.The reverse is also true. The more you focus on the things you don’t want, the more of those things you manifest in your life.

The problem is that 9 out of 10 people live within a “Matrix of Fear” where they’re programmed to be afraid of everything, including success, failure, health problems, money problems, relationships — and the list is endless.

In addition to what’s going on in their personal lives, most people add to their personal fears by getting caught up in global dramas as well.

Unfortunately most people give up their power to create their lives the way they want. Instead, they are *unconsciously* creating their lives exactly opposite of the way they want them.

They manifest their fears through their intense feelings of worry and fear about things that *may* happen!

 So of course, they live a self-fulfilling prophecy and they ‘DO’ happen!

Everything – everything – starts with a thought.

It works that way with any thoughts you have, because thoughts are creative – especially when you energize them through strong feelings and emotion.

That’s how you ‘get’ what you focus on. This is important to understand because you can never be successful if you focus on what you don’t want or fear will happen.

When people focus on what they fear, they unconsciously create what they don’t want on an individual, local, national and global scale. This fuels more fear – – and the cycle of “Negative Manifestation” continues.

Please pause for a minute and think about this.

It’s critically important for you to understand that your THOUGHTS are the ‘cause’, and your LIFE is the ‘effect’.

Yet almost everyone gets worried or fearful based on the ‘effects’, and that’s how their fears become the ‘cause’ for more negative things to manifest.

The answer is to monitor your thoughts. Specifically, I suggest you do the following:

Keep a Positive Mental Focus – No matter what!

Want to know how you can eliminate an enormous amount of fear in your life? It’s very simple. Stop watching TV and reading the newspaper. The media is a contrived industry that profits off making you worried, fearful, scared and anxious. The more THEY can get you into this state of mind – – the more YOU have to keep watching or reading to keep up with the latest events.    

The more successful they are at keeping you coming back for more – – the more MONEY they get from advertisers who pander to the mindless audiences that are in this perpetual trance.

WAKE UP from the trance! Tune out. (Don’t tune in.)

This one idea can eliminate an enormous amount of fear, stress and anxiety in your life. Stop watching TV and reading the newspapers. Instead, focus on the positive aspects of your life.

Let this be your motto – “No news is good news”. It works for me and has made a major change in my life and my ability to create what I desire.

Also, don’t listen to others who are coming from fear and living in negativity. If you do, you are using YOUR creative powers to help THEM manifest what they fear.

Keep your focus at a pure level. The minute you allow a competing desire (such as a fear) to have power, at a ‘minimum’ that delays or throws your conscious desire or true intention off course. More than likely, it will cancel it out.

You can think of this like launching a rocket. Let’s call it your “Rocket of Desire”. The launching power is feeling excited about having what you want.

However, if after you launch your Rocket of Desire you say, “But I am not sure I can do this” or “I am not sure will this will work out”, you’ve taken your rocket that was moving with great speed toward your goal and you’ve cut back the power. The end result is your rocket went from soaring towards your goal to crashing into the ground.

That’s how your worries and fears push away the things you want.

If you unconsciously send up other rockets based on your fears, you’re cutting the power you sent to your Rocket of Desire.

You can launch your rocket so it flies faster and higher, and has more impact if you eliminate as much worry and fear as possible from your life. Instead of fear and worry, keep your focus only on experiencing your desires coming to you quickly and easily.

It is very simple – the more you focus on the things you want, the more of those things you manifest in your life.


En? Wat houdt jou tegen? Waar ben jij bang voor? En waar durf jij voor te ‘vechten’?

Hartelijke groeten,

Youri Swart & Ronald Aldenhuijsen
# Martial Arts Succes Academy
email: Martialarts4succes@gmail.com
Website: http://www.iucta.nl/ / http://www.jingwukids.com/

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